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Ok, I got it
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The Trackie
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A strange tracksuit with the initials PM has turned up at Auchenkilns this page is dedicated to finding it's owner by trial and error
First up our American operative his identity hidden for security purposes
Bit tight to be Gerry's I think!
Next up an SAS Rugby Player again concealing his true identity
Even the French are in on the act!
Usual Petra Try Anything for free kit!
Jojo looks happy because it doesn't fit, I wonder why?
The Duchess isn't trying to claim it surely?
The soon to be Mrs Monkey gets in on the act
Greg has difficulty getting it on! Must still be recovering from his French trip!
Jean Marie tries his luck
Even the OOMPA LOOMPA'S don't want to be seen in it!
Bobby trying to convince Stewart to have a go
Young McGougs tries it on while he enjoys a pint
PM lives in London? Mitchy could be the man!
Right: Alistairs all chuffed he thinks it's his guru FLATTY'S
Maybe Tom Tom found it in Richmond on his way to Cardiff
Bit tight round the shoulders for Pooh
Our lovely Barstaff even try it on!
Mr and Mrs McLauchlan try their luck?
Is the tracksuit that colour? Or is Greg wiping up the remnants of "THE DUMP TACKLE"
Nic seems happy about it anyway
Paperwork is thinking about it
Looks as though it doesn't fit Findlay but at least he found his car keys
Stokesy is up next but looks as though Barry's Da fancies it
Even the neighbours are getting in on the act
Think George thinks he has a new Trackie! Close but no Cigar!
Reuters News Agency : Look's as though the Trackie is off on it's travels now. Watch This Space