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The Good Old Days
The Welsh Weekend The Beginning
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One of the first boxing day matches played before the Clubhouse existed
These men are some of those responsible for who followed in their footsteps? THE VALLEY COMMANDOS!!
The Troops gather outside the Stakis Pre - Clubhouse days to say their goodbyes
A young Stewart Coull watches Nigel clear his lines
The Welshies set off for Rhonda
Gordon Arthur in full flight with Jim Morrison and George Rutherford in support
A team photo before they go, guess who has their Y fronts at their knees?
A Payne, G McKenzie,R Campbell, A Reid
E McAngus, D Reid, A Reid
Charlie, Tam and Ross having a "Rabble"
Send any old photos here !
Gordon Clark and Chris Reid struggle for line out ball as Slabber looks on
Alan Reid, Paynsie, Collum and Nigel race up in defense
The Reid brothers make history in 1983 when all 5 play in a Scottish National League match for Cumbernauld
Mick and Paul Coleman hogging the limelight as usual.
Chris Reid leads the charge as Alan Reid, David Inverarity, Gordon Arthur, Findlay Laird and George Rutherford look on
The Headline says it all! Big Mick tells John Colletta how many Vodkas he wants with his IRN BRU
Below: Slabber and the boys celebrate promotion in 1989 after another long season.
Below: John McCarrall scores against Stobswell cheered on by Tam McCabe, Frank Colletta, Tommy Mullen, Chris Reid and Ross McAngus
Left : Tony Connolly and The Under 18 Sevens including some well known faces?
Below: Harry Wallace in full flow supported by Rab Morrow, Gordon Arthur and Paul Coleman
Stewart Cahill and Mini leading the line out
Some action from one of the early matches involving Cumbernauld
A Young Geff Payne and Danny Gallacher look on from the sidelines