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The Big Day Out
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On Sunday 3rd of December Peter and Mick had their Big Day Out here's some photo's from the event
Mrs M and Arlene enjoying the gig
Some of the guests enjoying a light refreshment at the bar
The boys invite some early guests to the gig
Peter welcomes Jojo as Drew, Findlay and Jim look on
The Elder Statespeoples table
The ladies are dancing the night away
Gerry seems to enjoy Micks attempt at the HAKA
The Three tremendous acts who entertained the crowd for over five hours, thanks again guys
Peter enjoys the crack with Stevie and Davie
Mick looks a bit worried about Ross as Harky stands by
The two hosts for the day taking themselves too seriously
Peter and Mr Coull survey the calm before the storm
The Old Guard hold the bar
Peter welcomes the President of Lenzie RFC
Mick lecturing James on the benefits of alcohol
Stewart and Helen enjoy the company of Charlie and Mr and Mrs Houston
Stokesy and Shiver enjoying the craic
Congratulations !
Yes, it is a photo of Andy smiling on 3rd December 2006
Peter two times Mick with Jojo
Everyone enjoying themselves at the bar
Michael and Trina after announcing their engagement
Chillin out listen to some Sax !
Dumb & Dumber Promotions Ltd on behalf of Peter and Mick would like to thank everyone who supported THE BIG DAY OUT, by buying tickets, raffle tickets, donating prizes and coming along,roll on the NEXT ONE!