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Season 2007/08
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Season 2007/08
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1st XV Squad 2007/08 Captain: Euan Crichton, Vice Captain: Jordan Reid
Loch Lomond
Another season and more photos of Peter!
2nd XV 2007/08
Young Callum McDonald before his 1st XV debut in the cup against Moffat
Strathclyde Police
At last a lineout photo without Peter well done Bamm
Grant puts in another big hit!
Raymond sends us upfield with a nice punt!
Stokesy feeds Gilly as Raymond looks on
The troops secure another turnover with great counter rucking
Bamm launches another attack off the side of a ruck
A Train trying to block a kick
Left: Mildoo enters into the festive spirit
Right: The Big Hitters start their pre match ritual
The Young Guns man the sidelines whilst the Old Boys brave the elements
Left ; Tony tries telling Mick that Jojo's new Munster top doesn't fit him
Right: Mallon and A Train convene the annual Redheads   convention
This year it was decided to award The Gold and Silver Flippers in recognition of being the "Wettest" group or set in the club.
Monkey presents Drew and Slabber with the Silver Flipper in recognition of a long and successful contribution to dampness in the club
Peter presents Skin and Mo with the coveted Golden Flipper for outstanding wetness in the preceding 12months by the Noveau Wet Set of Skin, Mo, Fordie and Dr Carr
Club President and Vice president wish Monkey all the best in his transition to Manchild
The Monkey is mobbed on his final Boxing Day appearance
This Is ?????
The Salmon Dance
Saturday February 16th Cumbie hosted current Scottish Champions Boroughmuir in the National Cup Round 4 here's some photos from the day
Jojo launches into another tackle
Looks like its time for a HUG!
Raymond gets to grips with their stand off
Obviously Gary wasn't the Photographer - Peter's lost this line out
Grant chasing down another break away
Sauce tackles the flying winger Keenan
Left:The troops wear the new change strip for the first time Right: Euan looks out of breath after all that dancing along to Rick Astley
Raymond coming to grips with events as the pack look on
Moffat ships one out wide
Harry's doing his best to keep up the pace
Jojo trying to get someone's attention!
Looks like the "Magic Sponge" didn't work! The moral of this story is "Don't rub them, count them"
The 2 Grants trying to link up
Branksy treats Grant after a big collision
R Gilly supported by Jojo and Harry
G Gilly in full flight
The pack turn the screw
S West looking fit and raring to go
Shiver taking 2 to bring him down
The boys troop off after a convincing 43-15 victory