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Season 2006/07
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Cumbernauld win a line out against Clydebank
1st XV 2006/07 Photo by Charlie Kearton
Coddy going for goal against Loch Lomond with Sauce looking on
A collection of photos from the current season thanks to Allan Reid.
A panoramic view of the photo below
Pumpkinhead looking lost against Loch Lomond
Stokesy gets his pass away against Clydebank watched by A Train
Davie Smart trying to get to rips with Coddy with Jojo waiting on the wing
Peter wins another lineout with Davie and Mo supporting and Stokesy, Bamm and Gerry looking on
On 23rd December the 1st XV travelled along the road to play Grangemouth in the 3rd round of the National Cup competition. Here are some photos from one of the clubs best days in recent history thanks to Gary Ivady.
A defensive ruck against Clydebank
Jojo in full flight against Clydebank supported by Bamm
Boxing Day 2006
The Boys await the kick off
Below:The forwards lead the way
The boys prepare to srum down as Flatty keeps an eye on proceedings
Jordan prepares to slot the first 3 points
A blast from the past Boyzone Senior takes the field on Boxing Day
The original Flatty with Flatty Junior and Jim enjoying the festivities
Monkey and Soapy discussing the finer points of malt whisky
Le Supportif
Boyzone left and Bamm Bamm right secure good line out ball for Cumbernauld
Kev prepares to enter the fray
Our local pop and film star Chez G'Lawler takes in a match
The usual Suspects!! (The 3 G's)
Jamie G trys to sneak up on Scott West and Matchwinner Minty
At least someone's happy to see Gilly?
Below the boys celebrate their deserved victory and their place in the Cumbie history books.
Victor and Jack on a day out from the "Clansman"
Drew and Garry at Strathendrick
Grangemouth 14
Cumbernauld 15
Left:Andrew and Drew at Oban
Allan and Andrew at Oban
Drew, Hamill, Gerry, Nic, Robert and Anton   support the troops at Grangemouth
Gary, James, Stav,Andrew, Drew and Mark at Oban
Left to Right : Back Row - D Inverarity(Cap), A McLeod, D Jamieson,J Harvey, S Chapman, S Starmore,B McLauchlan, E Crichton, R Cowie, K McTier.
Front Row - G Cowie, M Wallace, J Reid,R Gimour, G Gilmour, M Caldwell, S Gallacher, A Stokes, Missing S West and P Justice
Bamm going to support Gilly
Sandy gets bundled into touch
Slabber congratulates Jojo on the victory
Gilly takes control of the situation
Chappie, Coddy and Sauce back at the Clubhouse
A Train, Stokesy and Grant enjoying the moment
The pack drive us forward
A Train and Boyzone combine to great effect
Bamm and Peter in the line out
27 January and Ross returns from his latest Disney cartoon to make his first game for 4 months
JJ gets some advice from Harry on the sidelines
Peter sets up the driving maul
Scott and Peter try to stop Uddingston in attack
Minty dots down for another score
Below: Boyzone working hard for clean ball
The boys take on some water from "Water Boy" Kay
Petra winning a line out
Old Timers Shiver and Mo take a breather as Minty and Gilly look on
Bamm enjoying the warm up
Gav's happy after surviving the trip in Tam's Gillopy
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The boys chillin after a hard match
After Grangemouth and Stewartry it couldn't happen again could it?
Watch the video to find out!
Jojo consoles Peter after telling him he's one of the Old Guys