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On the weekend of Friday 8th February 208 some of the troops set off on their bi-annual trip to the Rhondda Valley here's some photos from the trip,
790 hits
Gav and James on the soft drinks? Yes it's true!
Unbelievable start to the weekend! Looks as though ANTOS is going to buy a round!!
Peter, Shadow, Hamill and Cabbage wonder what Peters phoning for?
Cammy's looking well!
Goof Troop chillin watching the match
Mo misses out on Mr Rhondda 2008 someone should have told him to turn on the sunbed
Right: How considerate of the Welsh to erect a barrier for Peter to lean on whilst he Spews
Facey thinks James suits his new look
Mooney and Kenny go green and save water by sharing a shower
Micky Griff with Hamill
Micky seems pleased to see the Goof Troop
Below: The reason for the recent revival in Welsh rugby fortunes- Coach ANTOS!
Left: Jojo chillin by the fire at the Antos mansion
The game on Friday must have taken it out of Gav as he falls asleep on tour
The Teams prepare for the BOAT RACE
Time to take stock and start the arrangements for next year
For anyone who's just arrived   on this site please click here to see the highlight of the tour THE HAKA
Mooney and Kenny finish the Tour in style by introducing the patrons of The Railway Inn & Cocktail Lounge to the "Glasgow Kiss"
Kenny carries Mooney back after a heavy session in The Railway Cocktail Lounge to the 5 star accommodation arranged by Peter for the weekend!