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Ok, I got it
I'm a drunketeer get me outa here
An irate "Fatcabs" driver cleans his vehicle after Jojo's little accident after the Grangemouth victory.
Gerry enjoying a complimentary glass of wine
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I'm a drunketeer get me outa here
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Antos and Jasper looking well at Gav's wedding
Drago finds it amusing as Mick grimaces at his 25th Vodka and Irn Bru
Our El Presidente after falling asleep on a bar of chocolate(His excuse)
The Good Doctor celebrates making it to the middle classes
Kenny returning from another successful tour
Jamie and Jojo discuss the finer points of wing play over a beer
The Good Doctor looking bright and breezy first thing
Looks like The Cheeky Vimto has done it for Minty (left) and Rudy (below)
Mo enjoying the craic on Boxing Day
Greg in deep thought after another knock back
Jojo doing the old "Coin behind the ear trick" as Gilly enjoys a Blue WKD
Gav catching a quick POWERNAP
Hamill's doesn't look to happy as Bam, Shiver and Stevie enjoy a pint
Above: Greig tries telling Kenny it's his round.
Below: Gilly recovers from the shock of Greig buying a round
Kenny enjoying himself after blagging Hamill's welsh jumper
Normal service resumed
No its not trick photography it's Antos at the BAR!
James discovers how the Zulus couldn't see them over the barricades
Peter in full Pumpkin mode in Blackpool
Tour Monkey chillin after another successful day on tour.
Hamill and James having a quick beer in Bone Daddy's
DR Carr in his favourite TEXAN watering hole
Texas Ranger Jones keeps an eye on Hamill and Benny
Adrian trying to look sober!
Mitchy knocking back a dance with a Hooters Chick
Big Dougie looking pleased with himself
Hamill heads for his favourite bar with Mitchy in tow
Benny scores another Hooters off the list only 154 left to visit, Mitchy looks a bit more "Hands On" now the jet lag has wore off
A Young Gerry and Findlay at a "Wet Set" interview
Mitchy and Benny looking bright and breezy first thing
Looks like Hamill's "Greasing the skids" in case Bobby "Lowballs" him
Bobby seems happy enough maybe he's just found out we're off to Wales again?
Looks like Captain Jack and Tom Tom are on the "Rape and Pillage" boat again
Gerry "MUMBLE" McGougan