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Antos teaches Shadow how to button his waistcoat. Or is it the other way round?
Nic shows Boyzone how to park the works van !Think he should stick to the bagpipes.
For A Little Taste of Wales click here
Skin "The Body" Connolly discussing weight training with Jimmy "Shoulders" Angus
Boyzone looks on as Jojo does his Black and White Minstrel show
James meets Cumbernauld's new prop
Dr Brendan Carr in happier times with some of his working class mates?
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Glittery texts by bigoo.ws

Our Welsh Friends on their end of season tour
Guess who after a night out on vodka and red bull? If your unsure, the picture on the left is one when he's not quite at himself. Those gym sessions have definitely put some beef on him.
"Told you not to play them at STRIP VOLLEYBALL"
Our French friends EMS Bron after a volleyball challenge!
Is the Pumpkinheid over ripe or is it a case of "JAB,JAB SLEEPER,SLEEPER"?
James challenges Lionel Nallet to a game of BUFFALO!
Listen to this guys theme tune click here
Boyzone comes to Fancy Dress Disco as Peter
Callum in his other life as a shapely barmaid
Monkey settles down for the night in his new flat!
Tour Monkey
Celebrates The B I G 30 !
A young Thespian reciting some Rabbie Burns
Right: Jojo hasn't got the "manbag" thing quite right
Left: Stokesy teaching the French the new scrummaging laws!
The Blackpool Collection
Kenny wins the day and destroys Peter and Gregs dreams
Tour Monkey, Indiana Kay and Kenny meet a new friend in the GAY BAR
Pumpkinnheid moves in with his designer shirt on!
Antos and Cabbage all smiles because Gav's at the bar!
Hey Bro !! Whats happening.
Hamill catching some shut eye on that epic journey from Glasgow to Greenfaulds by train
One of our "Original EEJITS" turned 50 recently below there's some clues to his identity
James with French drunks and internationalists Olivier Milloud and Sebastian Chabal
James with his identical twin.
Petra and Monkey lead the communal singing on Boxing Day
Looks like the Twins have set up in business going by this sign in Vegas!
Happy Birthday ????
Barry's Stag Weekend
On Friday 10th May 2007, the boys were heading off to Derry for Barry's stag by ....
But Barry didn't bring his passport so he had to go by...
So Here's Some Photos of The Trip
6 Hours later and things are looking up in Belfast waiting on the train to Derry
Barry looks quite downhearted as he sets out from Prestwick railway station
McGougs was obviously sober when he took this photo of Barry in the Blue Romper suit !
Barry decides to practise being the person on the passport!Think he got the face colouring wrong
Barry's over the moon he's bought a dodgy passport from the guy in the picture
8 pm Saturday 11th May and Peter is BROKE at the bar, to authenticate this picture check out THE CHEEKY VIMTO on the bar!
Anyone with any other photos of Stag Weekend send them to James.
After failing with his new passport Barry drowns his sorrows on the Ferry back
Barry explaining to his Dad what a great help and support Best Man Stav has been organising the STAG and over the weekend in general!
All eejit photos should be forwarded here