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Bron 2008
Easter 2008 and the troops set off to France for the bi-annual visit to Bron, 26 Infantry and 26 Airborne here's some photos from the trip.
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Birney certainly looks up for the trip!
Smiler and Harky decide to get to know each other better!
Geach and Gilly(Left) and Gav enjoying the craic
Mooney and Kenny are looking weel
Above: The Voice breaks in to action while Below: Mallon's feeling the heat
The Coull's strike a chord
Borat Harkins comes out to play
Ville Bron
The festivities begin
Troops look enthralled by the entertainment
The dance floor is jumping
Fin and Fifi in their usual poses
Cumbernauld's new coaching team
Left: Croy Whale meets Bourgoin Dolphin, Right: James on the lash with Chris Wyatt and Karina Wihongi
The Way Back
Lip Service
The Way There
Truck Stop
Mallon Cutting Some Shapes
Above Greig replaces Mooney for return journey, Below: Mallon welcome him aboard
John"The Iceman" Anderson
A troop carrier en route to airport
Worzel no pals!
Greig, Jojo and Minty at the airport
Some of our more intrepid travellers shared accommodation in Lyon here's some pictures from their plush residence.
Jojo and Wullie disembarking at Lyon
The Morning After, the boys gather their thoughts before another day on the march
Bamm and Shiver
Frankie looking SOBER!!!
Bamm has breakfast
Bamm catching a POWERNAP
Father Abraham